Automating TVC production
with the MovieMatic.

KFC Russia enables its customers to be one click away from stardom by inviting them to star in a TVC, thanks to Perfect Fools’ movie-making machine.

For the launch of its new Bacon iTwister, KFC restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg were transformed into film studios with the installation of a fully-automated, movie-making machine called ‘MovieMatic’.

Inspired by retro ciné cameras and the original Sony Walkman, MovieMatic is programmed to light, direct, shoot, edit and post-process a 45-second feature that was instantly pushed to YouTube.

Restaurant customers have to deliver four scenes in quick succession, prompted by a virtual director’s instructions. A simple script calls for the budding thespians to turn their restaurant into a club by taking an Oscar-winning bite on an iTwister.

Our stars then get a five-day window to generate as many votes as possible with the winner starring in TVC broadcast in Russia from 31 March. MovieMatic will sit for two weeks in Moscow from 29 January and two weeks in St Petersburg from 19 February.


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