News / 2018.01.26

A new fool at the office

Meet our new intern, Nils Lindgren

News / 2018.01.26

The fantastic four

We’re kicking off the new year with some new faces at the office! Say hello to Maria Lundvall, our new Head of Accounts, our two new Designers Marc Scherlin and Antonino Ognissanti, and the Producer Michael Davinder.

News / 2018.01.16

When the ball is literally dead

Oddset is one of Sweden's biggest sports betting brands with a history that stretches 31 years back.

News / 2018.01.12

The bread to our butter

We welcome Polarbröd to the family of fools Polarbröd is a family-owned company with roots in Älvsbyn since 1879.

News / 2017.10.19

Let’s keep our fingers crossed

Together with our friends at Halebop, we’re nominated in this year’s edition of 100-wattaren. Our collaboration with Halebop took off this spring, starting with the summer campaign celebrating guilty pleasures and ugly dancing.

News / 2017.10.13

How safe is your facebook profile?

Minimize the risk of burglary when you leave for vacation. To continue with the roll-out of the new communication concept for Trygg-Hansa with the ambition to dispel anxiety, we’re now launching Insynstestet: a simple digital test where you can test how transparent your facebook profile is. 

News / 2017.10.11

We Lovie it!

Vote with your heart selected as double winner in the 7th Annual Lovie Awards. Hurray!

News / 2017.10.11

Guilty of dancing with Halebop

It all comes alive when Halebop and Perfect Fools put their heads together. A huge welcome to the latest addition to the Fools’ family: Halebop!

News / 2017.08.28

High five!

Five new faces at Perfect Fools. New fools have joined after the summer: art directors Nayeli Kremb and Carl Larsson, copywriter Daniel Blomberg, senior producer Charlotte Zetterström and our new office manager Louise Christiansson.

News / 2017.08.21

Trygg-Hansa renames lifebuoys

Celebrating heroes who’ve saved lives. Thanks to private individuals courageous enough to intervene, 14 people are safely rescued by Trygg-Hansa's lifebuoys in Sweden every year.